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Swiss-quality software development for small and midsize companies of 500 people

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Without the hassle and headaches other development companies put you through.

Developing Swiss-quality Java applications for global customers since 1996

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Working with the wrong

software developer is a

nightmare in slow motion

We’ve heard it all.

You sign off on a project and you’re ready to sail off into the sunset.

Instead, you face disaster at every turn:

  • Communication is terrible

  • Delivery dates turn into delays

  • Project management is a royal mess

You soon realize these people don’t have the expertise to make an application you can actually use.

Worst of all, you’re stuck cleaning up their mess.

Your next software project

could use some

Swiss craftsmanship

When you partner with us, you’re saying yes to a seasoned Swiss team with high standards:

  • The best developer talent

    anyone can find (we’re very picky!)

  • Commitment to delivering

    a resilient application that’s built to last but designed to be flexible

  • Software that’s properly engineered

    for your exact environment and your in-house dev team

We’ve set the bar high, so you don’t have to.


You pay $0

until you’re happy

with your prototype

100% risk-free development

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll develop your minimum viable product (MVP) without cost to you. Consider it like a test drive. You have the right to be 100% confident before moving forward.

Our work with N3TEAM

«Our work with


is a friendship»

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Maurizio Mancinone
Maurizio Mancinone

CEO, streamnow

is a friendship»

With N3TEAM, you get senior-level developers. They're educated, experienced, and serious about the work they produce.
They understand us on a professional level, which makes communication very simple.
And yet I would also describe our work with N3TEAM as a friendship. The rare time there's a problem, we know we can count on them to respond quickly—even if it’s at 7 p.m. on a Saturday.


The right application

built right.

Services that give you sleek software

  • Smooth out the kinks in your operations

    Many of our customers are innovative. Off-the-shelf software simply doesn’t do their business justice.

    For your business to break out of its shell, you’ll need the operational efficiency that only custom software can provide.

  • SaaS that turns into revenue on tap

    Looking to replace your existing SaaS product? Planning to create a new revenue stream with a new product?

    Get a Swiss-quality SaaS product that’s UX optimized and rigorously tested.

  • Migrate to cloud like a breeze

    Ever wonder why migration and migraine sound so similar? (Crazy, right?)

    But don’t worry. Your software will feel all warm and cozy while we migrate it to cloud. Let’s make it low-risk, low-stress, and low-cost.

  • First Aid for Java applications

    Maybe your Java project with another developer went wrong. You might be wondering if your solution is usable.

    Get our specialists’ eyes on your code, and let’s see what we can do.

Not sure what type of service or development you need? Just talk to us. We’ll make sense of your environment and needs.

Expect the expected—

no more hidden surprises


  • On time. Like a Swiss watch.

    Delivery that hits every milestone
    You can count on us to be fast and responsive. Just like the software you’ll get from us.
    All you have to do is sit back and relax ... while we sprint.
  • No room for buggy code. Plenty of room to grow your business.

    Built to last, built to scale
    From architects to developers, we’ve hand-selected our talent for best engineering practices and business IQ.
    So you get tailor-made software that helps your business thrive.
  • Software that’s built to spec. Not on assumptions.

    Crystal-clear requirements
    Good code is one thing. Good communication is another. With us you get both.
    From architecture design to development to support, your company’s needs will always be central to everything we do.
  • Get VIP support—not just during the honeymoon stage

    Next-level support
    The odd hiccup will happen. That’s life. And that’s software. We’d be lying if we said otherwise.
    But here’s what we can promise: if you experience an issue, we’ll be right here to make it right.

If you’re starting to feel smitten by our Swiss standards, you know what to do next.

Say «Tschüss» (buh-bye)
to software development

What’s the one pesky problem you need to solve right now? Drop your details here, and we’ll be in touch.

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