Finally, software development

that’s so risk-free

you’ll pinch yourself

Bespoke software for customer-centric businesses

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Get all the benefits of software that’s 100% tailored to your business. With 0 strings attached and $0 to start.

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    You own what we build— no strings attached

    100% customer ownership
    You’ll never be handcuffed to our dev shop. If you decide to take your business elsewhere, you’re free to go.
    The software we build for you is 100% your property.
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    Get squeaky clean code from senior engineers

    Code of excellence
    Build the right thing. And build it right the first time.
    Business analysis, scoping, architecting, development, deployment, maintenance, and support ... No matter what stage we’re at, you’ll get the cream of the crop working on your project.
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    Choose your most cost- effective pricing model

    Flexible pricing
    Every business has different needs and is at a different stage of growth.
    We offer 3 pricing options: hourly, project, or extension of your team. Let’s find a solution that works for you.

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    You shouldn’t pay for something you can’t see

    $0 MVP
    That’s why we build your MVP at no cost to you.
    Once you like what you see, you can partner with us in full confidence.

There’s more where all that came from. But our web designer told us it was too much to cram on this page. ;-)

A full backbone we

«A full backbone

we can trust

and rely on»

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Maurizio Mancinone
Antun Brcina

COO, streamnow

can trust and rely on

In the 5+ years we have relied on N3TEAM, they have never put us in a situation where we lacked support. We can call them anytime, and they are quick to respond.
In N3TEAM we have found an all-in-one-solution business partner. They provide a full backbone we can trust and rely on. This has allowed me and my team at streamnow to focus on even bigger projects in our business. And most importantly, the platform N3TEAM has developed for us has resulted in big returns—both in terms of revenue and our ability to scale.”—Antun Brcina, COO, streamnow 


Kick your business

and career into high gear

Work with smart, skilled people. Look like you’ve done your homework.

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    Build sleek, resilient custom software

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    Make your business work smarter

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    Serve your customers better

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    Finally unlock company growth and revenue

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    Get a product you can own

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    Own a product you can be proud of

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    Gain a competitive advantage in your industry

Take the business to new profitable heights. Get all the credit.

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powered industries like these:

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