No bullsh*t diagrams on this page

Out with the cookie-cutter «process.»

In with a collaborative plan.

Because your software project deserves better.

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I love your rigid process!

—said no customer to no dev shop ever

A process that’s carved

in stone makes development a drag.

For everyone.

Nothing wrong with having a process. But when it’s too dogmatic, it can feel like a hostage negotiation.

Whatever happened to likeminded people working together for a common goal?

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Less process.

More partnership.

It’s not about pet methodologies. It’s about how we work together to deliver the results you want.

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    Your problem

    What’s your itch? How can we scratch it?

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    Your priorities

    What are your business goals and parameters?

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    Your product

    What’s the most practical, scalable solution for your growing biz?

Things that matter to you matter to us.

Tried, tested, timeless principles

that get results. On repeat.

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    Assumptions are the enemy

    Face-to-face communications

    (And we’re not in the business of making enemies.)

    No one can read minds. Thats why we’d rather have tough conversations during discovery than disappointment at the end.

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    You’re always in the loop

    Feedback early and often

    Your project’s status and next steps will never be a mystery.

    Whether it’s through Azure DevOps or other channels of communication, you’ll have exactly the level of visibility you need.

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    Dance with a partner that anticipates your steps

    Flexible and agile—in tandem with you

    We know your requirements might change because, well, life.

    You can rely on us to adapt when unforeseen things happen.

Let the teamwork begin.

Transform the initial idea into

«A level of knowledge

and transparency

that is difficult to find»

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Maurizio Mancinone
Tobias Oden

COO, Memox Innovations AG

a tangible solution

One of the things we value most about N3TEAM is the open dialogue and the ability to collaborate with them.
Let’s say I have an idea for a new feature or functionality. With Daniel and Oliver, we not only discuss the technical implementation but also challenge the business value, discuss the process and its outcomes, and together transform the initial idea into a tangible solution.
N3TEAM goes beyond engineering applications; they always connect it back to our business goals.


Our job isn’t to impress you with

a pet process.

It’s to wow you with software.

And you shouldn’t have to flush your budget down the drain before you get a glimpse.

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$0 to MVP

Try before you buy

Your minimum viable product is

on us. Really.

Don’t commit project funds until you’re 100% confident your baby’s in good hands. See your MVP and start believing.

For customers who want to work with us on a project - or team-based arrangement.

Oh, we love to

check your boxes ;-)

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  • Listening to what you say

  • Business, infrastructure, architecture consulting

  • Teasing out things you might not think to say

  • Mapping out functionalities

  • Saying yes only when it’s in your interest

  • Defining your requirements together

  • Senior-level engineering

  • Delivery, deployment, maintenance, and support

  • Expert code reviews, testing, and QA

  • Good-old goodwill from our humans to yours

Curly Brace Open

Let’s build something great together.